Jonathan Chapman shoots Matrix Fitness in Toronto & Maui

I had the pleasure of referring Jonathan for an amazing project for Matrix Fitness. The art director contacted me and asked for production help and referrals for photographers that would be great for the job. After sifting through a concise list, they chose the very talented Jonathan Chapman! This project would be multi-city, and international throughout January and February this year. We began in Toronto Ontario Canada, made a quick stop at Matrix Fitness HQ mock-fitness-center in Lake Mills WI, and finally off to Maui Hawaii.

The imagery would create a library of images designated for a beautiful brochure aiming to sell their commercial line of equipment to luxury hotels and similar clients. Thus, what better place to photograph their machines than high-end hotels including Four Seasons and Hyatt Andaz. These locations were truly top notch in every space including amazing guest rooms, breathtaking lobbies, and gorgeous fitness centers (or centres in Canada, eh). The printed piece is quite remarkable. Very inspiring and packed with lovely images from Jonathan.

I located great crew in each city, and did remote casting to find us the perfect models needed to demonstrate each Matrix Fitness cardio or strength exercise. We even pulled off a few spa-inspired looks. The scenery, and models, plus Jonathan’s direction, lighting, and captures were a winning combination.

We stayed for an extra couple days in Maui to soak in the culture, and I went solo for a bonus day in Toronto. Jonathan wanted to shoot a motion test while in Hawaii, so we set up something really special on a very wild side of the island. More to come later in that blog entry!

Here are a few pages from the brochure. I’m still amazed at how beautifully it turned out. The brochure can be downloaded here: http://www.matrixfitness.com/docs/hospitality_brochure.pdf

MX14_BROCHURE_1 1200px

MX14_BROCHURE_2 1200px

MX14_BROCHURE_3 1200px

Here’s a snapshot of their website.


And, as is customary, some behind the scenes stills.


Toronto Canada Crew:
Jessica Jean Myers (Hair Makeup Artist), Eric Schleicher (2nd Camera/Photo Asst), Cedric Swaneck (Photo Asst).

Maui Hawaii Crew:
Camille Kozuki (Hair & Makeup Artist), John Fontana (Digi Tech), Barton Hrast (Photo Asst)


Ashton Rodgers gettin’ saucey with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ

Ashton Rodgers, photographer based in San Antonio TX, gave me a very exciting call to partner with him in creating a bid, and landing the job for Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce via MMB (McCarthy Mambro Bertino) in Boston. What better place to shoot than right here in central Texas! So many great barbecue options to explore for our environment surroundings. We visited the famous barbecue city of Lockhart TX, it’s neighbor Lubing TX, and of course several options in my beloved Austin. As it turns out, the Austin offerings were amazing in their product, but the establishments are all rather small or based in food trailers. Wonderful for the people of Austin, but wouldn’t work for our needs with Sweet Baby Rays.

The restaurants in Lockhart TX were so much older, larger, and just perfect for us. We ended up shooting in the famous Kreuz Market BBQ, and Luling City Market BBQ. Each had the character and years of beautiful carcinogens covering the walls and ceilings, resulting in their signature flavors. The fellas running these bbq joints were also just wonderful for the campaign. True characters in their trade! These men have been featured in magazines such as Texas Monthly several times. We just can’t get enough barbecue here in Texas.

We captured several different scenes with and without model talent. The weather was the coldest that Lockhart TX had seen in many many years. It was only 27º all day, and we were to be set up in the screen patio area at Kreuz. The Boston agency men and myself (being from MN) handled it quite well, but the Texans were all struggling to keep warm. Ashton did a great job keeping the energy high and capturing great expressions from the chilly model talent. On the last day we headed back into the studio to knock out a few prepared food shots with our food stylist: a very saucy bbq beef and bacon burger, and some gorgeous chicken wings as a special add on.

140207_awrphoto_130B0541-Edit 600px

140207_awrphoto_130B0700-Edit 600px

Here are two ads of the five we shot. Images to appear online and in magazines near you!

KENP14008_SBR_Layouts&Photos_V3 (dragged) 1 1200px

KENP14008_SBR_Layouts&Photos_V3 (dragged) 4 1200px

Then in August, Communication Arts gave us a feature for the print ads in their daily Creative Exhibit page here: http://www.commarts.com/exhibit/sweet-baby-rays-campaign.html



And some Behind the Scenes images:

Ashton Rodgers Sweet Baby Rays BBQ

Our fabulous crew: Lauren Smith Ford (Wardrobe & Prop Stylist), Lisa Gleeson (Hair & Makeup Artist), Tina Bell Stamos (Food Stylist), Robert Amador (Photo Asst).


Chris Crisman back for more San Antonio, aka Mercado v2.0

Maybe Chris Crisman couldn’t get enough of San Antonio, or maybe San Antonio couldn’t get enough of Chris! Either way, he asked me to produce a couple more days for him here in Texas and I couldn’t be happier to see him and his team again. It was a lot like getting the band back together. And we actually DID get a band in this round! We were tasked with capturing a few more elements to add in to the very elaborate scenes we created last year for the Unforgettable campaign with Proof Advertising. This time I needed to find a queen, a horse, a band, and a few more unique bits to fit the ads.

Here’s the final image! Appearing in Texas Monthly, San Antonio Magazine, and Travel + Leisure. And the interactive version is live online at: http://unforgettablesa.com/mercado/

Crisman_MERCADO_V7_NEW_FRONT_V5_final 1200px

Crisman_MERCADO web

Crisman_MERCADO magazine

Who loves behind the scenes? I do.

Crisman Mercado v2 1200px

Support by our great crew: Bonnie Markel (Props & Wardrobe Stylist), Robert Luessen (Digi Tech), Jared Castaldi (Photo Asst), Alyssa Garcia (Hair & Makeup Artist), Crystal Quintero (Hair & Makeup Asst).


Paul Irmiter with triathletes of Bennett Endurance in Miami

I was asked to coordinate the production of videos for Crystal Farms All White Egg Whites shot and directed in Miami FL by Paul Irmiter of 612im via GdB (Gabriel deGrood Bendt) ad agency. We partnered with Olympic triathletes Greg and Laura Bennett of Bennett Endurance to create a video series that shares their inside knowledge from being professional endurance athletes. The city of Miami was chosen due to convenience for our stars, but there might have been some allure for the Minnesota team to escape the cold in December as well.

To be honest, things started a little rocky on the Friday afternoon before our flights, and escalated on our pre-light day. We were swindled by an equipment vendor who we later found out is known for taking advantage of out-of-towners such as ourselves, and then the sound stage studio I reserved was given away to another crew. Thankfully, we had two fearless grip crew on our side that helped with a fast and efficient relocation into a friendly and professional, well established stage. Wonderful!! These challenges only make for a stronger bank of experience for this producer.

After we began shooting, the day was a breeze. Greg & Laura have wonderful personalities, especially for being international celebrities. Throughout the shoot, we captured enough footage for at least 26 tips, responding to commonly asked questions about training for triathlons.

Visit the All White Egg Whites Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/allwhiteseggs) and Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1kItpYaMtEA20UAbyg8WYg) to view all the videos. Stay tuned for more tips from the Bennetts throughout the year, releasing about every two weeks.

Here is Question #1

And the first Facebook post:
Paul Irmiter Bennett Endurance

Some nice stills from the videos:





Here are a few Behind The Scenes images:
Irmiter Bennett Endurance

And a behind the scenes time lapse:

Support by crew: Laura Taylor (Wardrobe & Prop Stylist), Colleen Stone (Hair & Makeup Artist via FORD), Jaime Martinez (DP & Grip), Francis Mingo (Grip), and Michael Gallock (Sound Engineer).


Jay B shoots more Costa del Mar for a very Merry Fishmas!

Costa del Mar sunglasses wanted a new ad for their Christmas promotions, cleverly titled “Merry Fishmas”, targeting the fishermen who love the specialty sunglasses. Jay B Sauceda was just the man for the job! Direction lead by McGarrah Jessee agency here in Austin, we created several awesome versions for print and Facebook publication over two days of shooting. The only tough part was locating a great looking tree during early October in Texas, just days before we began shooting. After a few visits to local tree nurseries, we came up with disappointing options. Finally, I got a hot lead an hour outside of the city at the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm. Although they didn’t have the classic Douglas Fir trees, they had some great tree candidates, and a whole petting zoo of fun furry animals! The clients LOVED the trees I found. I was also counting on Amazon to cover me for ornaments, but they didn’t have much, and didn’t have any available for fast delivery. However our local craft store, Hobby Lobby had everything I could wish for. Hundreds of colorful festive options! Jay B set up the shot and lit it like a pro. It’s always a fun day shooting in the Public School studio.

Here are the final images from Jay B:
v1 Square 600px

Web Browser 600px

And here are a couple behind the scenes by me:
JayB Costa Fishmas 1200px

Support by crew: Hayden Spears (Photo Asst), and Conor Mack (Photo Asst). Jay B and I did all the styling.


Alexander Zoltai + Paul Irmiter shoot St Olaf College, back in MN

Alexander Zoltai Photography got the call for a still + motion shoot in Northfield MN for St Olaf College via The Thorburn Group ad agency. He teamed up with Paul Irmiter of 612im to shoot the motion parts while Alexander would direct the shot. This team was no mistake, they are both represented by Agent Jeff Cerise. I produced the shoot from Austin until a week before the shoot when I’d fly in and scout the locations while meeting the client contact at St Olaf. The campus was breathtakingly beautiful, and the student “actors” we had were exuberant and excited to be involved in the shoot! Scheduling 20+ students, each with very complex availability between classes and other obligations, and cross-checking with all the places we wanted to use for our locations. Unpredictable weather and last minute student cancellations made for a very tricky few days. In the end we got everything we needed and the Vice President of the college was so pleased that he asked us to shoot a few more happenings outside of the original plan. We even added on a day of cinecopter aerial shots giving a birds eye view of the campus. The video was backed by a recognizable track from Cloud Cult band, performed by students of St Olaf, coached by Alumni cellist Daniel Zamzow.

Here is the finished video:

And here are a few shots from Alexander:
StOlaf_Zoltai-0014 copy

StOlaf_Zoltai-0020 copy

StOlaf_Zoltai-0048 copy

StOlaf_Zoltai-0045 copy

StOlaf_Zoltai-0032 copy

StOlaf_Zoltai-0028 copy

And my own behind the scenes images:
AlexZoltai StOlaf 1200px

Support from a great crew: Susan Calvit (Wardrobe Stylist), Nick Littlefield (Photo Asst), Jim Morgan (Audio Tech), and PictureFactory (CineCopter Aerials).


Ryann Ford iconically shooting Four Hands Furniture

I’ve been trying to set up a photo shoot with Ryann Ford Photography for months! Finally we were able to land a fabulous project with Four Hands Home, Austin based furniture & interior designer. We took their fabulous furniture and placed them in well known, iconic places of Austin. The ads scream “local”, which is a flavor that Austinites love! First, we made the trek up to Mt Bonnell with a living room set in front of a fantastic view of the Pennybacker Bridge (Capital of Texas Highway 360) crossing Lake Austin in the distance. Thankfully we didn’t choose to shoot at the summit, just one of the lower landings with the best view. Next, we shot a dining room set at the recognizable “Greetings from Austin” mural by artist Todd Sanders of the Roadhouse Relics gallery. I had to shut down a couple lanes of traffic here as the mural is on a busy intersection of the Bouldin Creek neighborhood in south Austin. Lastly, we placed a lovely bedroom set along the Hike & Bike trail at Auditorium Shores along Town Lake, with a gorgeous view of downtown just across the water. The only challenge here was making sure that a hundred dogs enjoying their off-leash privileges didn’t make a mess of the bedding. Hah! All the captures looked “perfectly Austin”, as the clients and art director Kelly Colchin wanted.

The images are appearing in several issues of Austin Monthly and Austin Home magazines.

FHH_Mt.Bon_AustinMonthly 1200px

FHH_Mural_AustinHome 1200px

FHH_Auditorium_AustinHome 1200px



Here are the behind the scenes:
Ryann Ford FourHands 1200px

Support by crew: Sean Johnson (Digi Tech/ Photo Asst), and Nick Cabrera (Photo Asst).


Jack Black for Entertainment Weekly by Miller Mobley

Most of my shoots are for advertising clients, but this week I had an opportunity to coordinate a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly magazine, featuring Jack Black and the rest of the cast from School of Rock movie for a 10 year Reunion issue. Most of the cast haven’t seen each other since the film was made in 2003, and the reactions upon meeting again were priceless. Those kids were only eleven years old at filming, now twenty one years old having changed a lot! Photographer Miller Mobley flew in from NYC to capture the images and enjoy some time in Austin. We assembled a small army of Hair & Makeup artists to keep all the models moving quickly. The tough part was wrangling all the extra people that accompanied the cast in their visit: a lot of moms, friends, and agents in the studio stage. Jack Black was fun to meet and acted just like you’d imagine: intense and full of ideas. Jack Black helped the cast get excited and give some great expressions. Miller Mobley had the direction and timing to capture the perfect images we needed! It was Jack Black‘s birthday on the shoot day, so I picked up two platters of Austin’s finest birthday treat, Hey Cupcake!. They were a hit for sure!

The feature is on newsstands now: OCT 25, 2013 DOUBLE ISSUE #1282-1283 and online at: http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20433411_20746301_30037663,00.html

School of Rock1 1800px

School of Rock2 800px

EW1282-1283-COVER 500px


Here are the behind the scenes images:
EntertainmentWeekly JackBlack 1200px

Support by crew: Rachael Currie (Props + Set Stylist from Dallas), Lauren Smith Ford (Wardrobe Stylist), Jai Lennard (Digi Tech/Photo Asst NYC), Evan Prince (Photo Asst), Laura Martinez (Hair+Makeup Artist), Lisa Gleeson (Hair+Makeup Artist), Sara Domi (Hair+Makeup Artist), Lisa Barnes (Hair+Makeup Artist), Franchiska Kovar (Hair+Makeup Artist), SoundCheck Austin (Studio Stage), 2Dine4 (Catering), and Hey Cupcake! (Jack Black’s Birthday Cupcakes!).


We Bought a House!

It looks like we are staying in Austin, because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! And couldn’t be happier. We had planned on starting a slow, laid back search with our realtor, Oliver Hall, but ended up finding our dream house right away. It’s in a relatively new neighborhood that is extremely well planned, taking the space where the old Mueller airport used to be. All the homes and businesses are required to be LEED certified by the US Green Building Council for conserving energy, reducing water consumption, improving indoor air quality, making better building material choices, and driving innovation. It’s all executed in a beautiful way. The neighborhood is called Mueller, and we love it here in Austin TX.




Clayton Hauck from Chicago shoots Bank of America in Houston

Photographer Clayton Hauck has been shooting several Bank of America projects and this round he was asked to highlight a few small business partnerships in Houston TX. His rep contacted me to produce this short series and it was great to connect with crew in another city, just 3 hours away! We traveled around the city to each location and recruited real people for the model talent, with the owner/managers of each business as the star. Everyone involved was happy to participate and had a good time! Creative direction came from Hill Holliday agency in Boston.

Here are the stories


Mai’s Vietnamese Restaurant


SER-Jobs for Progress


And a few behind the scenes images by me:
Clayton Hauck BofA 1200px

Support from crew: Brian Guido (Digi Tech Chicago), Todd Spoth (Photo Asst), and John Fisher (Photo Asst).


Chris Crisman Unforgettable San Antonio Part3

And now it’s time to wrap up this six month adventure! We’ve been working diligently though the retouching process, finding where the illustration concepts will differ from the real world. As these components come together, we see new opportunities and I’ll scramble to gain access to all these wonderful people and places. Chris Crisman Photography returns one final time to San Antonio to finish. We’ll spend time with a national league mascot, capture some works of art, take in our own private rodeo, watch traditional jalisco dancers, re-visit the zoo, welcome a real fire blower to the studio, hang out with a bunch of peacocks, and photograph the 7’1″ legend “The Admiral” of the NBA David Robinson. It’s a relief to be finishing up, and now the real magic lay in the hands of our retoucher, Taisya.

Here is the final pair, numbers three and four, of four ads we produced. Available in your current Texas Monthly magazine, and online with interactive features at: http://unforgettablesa.com/!

Behind the scenes images, because I love them:
Crisman SA Round3 1200px

Support by a truly fantastic crew:
Robert Luessen (Digi Tech), Bonnie Markel (Prop & Wardrobe Stylist), Alyssa Garcia (Hair & Makeup Artist), Lawrence Mercado (Special FX Makeup), Mary Ellen Rose (Food Stylist), Jared Castaldi (Photo Asst), and David Ohl (Photo Asst).


Neil DaCosta for Hormel REV in Austin, MN

I got a call from Neil DaCosta‘s rep out in Portland for a shoot back in Austin, MINNESOTA!! How clever of them. Home to Hormel Foods, Austin MN has a community of families that know, love, and are employed the brand. We partnered with the Austin High School where a small group of enthusiastic students had been working with Hormel to create a new kind of snack, high in protein and flavor, yet portable for on-the-go convenience. The product is now called REV Wraps and can be found in stores everywhere. The ad concepts came from BBDO Proximity agency in Minneapolis, and Neil‘s style was the perfect fit for the job. I extended my trip for a few days to help celebrate my father’s 60th birthday. What a trip!

Here’s a couple images from Neil DaCosta:
Hormel_REV_Orchestra_Shot2-18-LAYOUT copy

Hormel_REV_Profile_Situps-32-LAYOUT copy

And a few Behind the Scenes by me:
Neil Dacosta Rev 1200px

Support by: Rene Rattler (Hair & Makeup Stylist with Wardrobe assistance), and Peter Bischoff (Photo Asst).


Jonathan Chapman in TX for Land O’Lakes

I was very excited that Jonathan Chapman Photography wanted to explore shooting for Land O’Lakes in Austin TX. After some brief pre-scouting, the deal was set! Austin looks fabulous in May while the northern states are still growing and greening up. Land O’Lakes had a need for a fresh and timeless look of major size murals within their headquarters main halls & lobby in Arden Hills MN. Perkins+Will of Chicago IL was leading the creative direction, with Gosia Zawiślak on site (she was absolutely delightful!). We had three major scenarios to capture in very different scenes in the city and rural areas. The model talent we cast did a great job, even the kids. We got an insiders view of JBG‘s beautiful organic farm, which now I see all over Austin in farmers markets and CSA deliveries. I love making those lasting connections. Land O’Lakes was very happy with the final imagery, and I like it too.

Here’s a final image, and a bonus shot from Jonathan:
JCP_lol_0005 copy

JCP_lol_0001 copy

Chapman LandOLakes 1200px

Support by: Lisa Gleeson (Hair & Makeup PLUS Wardrobe assistance), Tiffany Rash (Wardrobe Asst), Jason Griego (Photo Asst), Eric Schleicher (2nd Camera + Photo Asst), John Fontana (Digi Tech), Ken Lewin (Location Scout), and Austin Basecamp (Motorhome).


Father’s Day at the Beach with Jay B

Well, not exactly “the beach”… Here’s a great shoot that I squeezed in between weeks of shooting in San Antonio. In fact, I cannot take full credit for this production, as Jay B Sauceda really took on a lot of responsibilities here. McGarrah Jessee needed photography done for a special Father’s Day ad selling amazing sunglasses by Costa del Mar suggesting the alternative to another necktie. We played with the set and added a little comedy to the flavor. I’m sure it was a big hit and hundreds of dads received sunglasses for Father’s Day.

CDM_13075_1800x1200_#1CFB24 600px

Costa-Website 600px

Jay B CostaDelMar 1200px

Support by Crew: Lauren Smith Ford (wardrobe stylist), Lisa Gleeson (hair and makeup artist), Hayden Spears (photo asst), Bill Sallans (photo asst & set builder)


Chris Crisman Unforgettable San Antonio Part2

Here comes round two of the ridiculously amazing San Antonio tourism campaign with Chris Crisman Photography! After a brief break, we are back in San Antonio for another week of amazing image captures. This time we’ll spend a little time in the studio, and then a string of wonderful locations: San Antonio zoo, Six Flags theme park, an old airfield with real working bi-plane, a nighttime rodeo bull, a triceratops skeleton, caves and caverns, rockstar Alejandro Escovedo, glorious works of art, a beautiful golf course, a gourmet restaurant, and an 1800’s cannon that really made a blast!!! By now we are really digging in to the San Antonio culture and getting close with a lot of the key people in charge of the city. I had a great time networking with all the owners and managers of these places, gaining permission to go behind the scenes and get a look at some of the places that tourists only wish they could go. In all, we saw another 50+ elements and photographed them all with perfect lighting as Chris Crisman always does. Now we take a break for a month while figuring out all the last components we need to make a really killer set of images to complete the campaign. Looking forward to it!

Here is the second of four ads we produced. Available in the December issue of Texas Monthly magazine, and online with interactive features at: http://unforgettablesa.com/!

Here is the second of four ads we produced. Completely magical in oversized print.


Behind the scenes images, because you love them:
Crisman SA Round2 1200px

Support by a truly fantastic crew:
Robert Luessen (Digi Tech), Bonnie Markel (Prop & Wardrobe Stylist), Alyssa Garcia (Hair & Makeup Artist), and David Ohl (Photo Asst).


Chris Crisman Unforgettable San Antonio Part1

To be honest, I don’t even know how to start this story, but here’s a go at it. This was absolutely the wildest ride I’ve had on ANY photo shoot. Early this year, in January, I started the estimating process with Chris Crisman Photography in Philadelphia to create 4 miraculously wonderful fantastic advertisements for the City of San Antonio’s Convention & Visitors Bureau. The concepts were being developed by the famous Rob Story of Proof Advertising here in Austin. The ads looked surreal and like nothing I’ve ever helped to create before. Chris Crisman was the perfect candidate for the project, and I would help him coordinate over 100 elements throughout the course of this six month project. The camera system we used would create files large enough for high-definition print as big as the side of a bus. One of the intentions was for these ads to be installed at the San Antonio Airport as giant murals, so we needed to be ready. By April 8th, we began our first round of captures. Just a few of the places and people we captured were: fields of bluebonnet flowers, the San Antonio convention center, Seaworld penguins and killer whales, parks & bicyclists, the Mercado square at sunrise, and of course the Texas countryside. We started with as many background plate elements as we could access, for layering more than 50 additional images per ad, on top of. Chris Crisman hired the most extremely talented post-production retoucher that blew the minds of everyone as it all came together. As of September 19th, the first ad in the series has gone live in Texas Monthly magazine and online with interactive features at: http://unforgettablesa.com/

Here is the first of four ads we produced. Absolutely breathtaking in oversized print.


There will be three more rolling out later this year. Stay tuned ;-)

Behind the scenes images, as usual:
Crisman SA Round1 1200px

Support by a truly fantastic crew:
Robert Luessen (Digi Tech), Bonnie Markel (Prop & Wardrobe Stylist), Alyssa Garcia (Hair & Makeup Artist), Jared Castaldi (Photo Asst), Evan Prince (Photo Asst), Robert Amador (Photo Asst), Austin Basecamp (Motorhome).


Refreshing and natural with Jay B + Pepsico

I had the pleasure of working yet another job with Jay B Sauceda here in Austin. I’ve had the most repeat jobs with him since I’ve been in TX. This round we attack a fun/cute ad for Sierra Mist of Pepsico via the local agency LatinWorks. It was a dual language venture meant for the hispanic market but appealing to all, boasting about the REAL sugar featured in Sierra Mist Natural. I’ll admit, it’s good! We scouted a few parks, historic buildings, and urban areas to find the perfect place. We ended up on Auditorium Shores at Town Lake, and made the scene just beautiful. Our Stylist, Lauren Smith Ford found some wonderful dresses and busted her buns to find all the combinations of funky shoes we wanted. In the end, the ad looks like the concept, but WAY better. I love it. You can now see the ad on billboards and bus stops scattered across Los Angeles, Dallas, and Houston. Let me know if you spot one!

Crew: Lauren Smith Ford (wardrobe stylist), Hayden Spears (photo asst), Evan Prince (photo asst), and Andrew Loehman (digi tech).

Copyright Jay B Sauceda Photography

Copyright Jay B Sauceda Photography

Lauren Photo of Jay B
Behind the scenes photo courtesy Lauren Smith Ford

Los Angeles installation photo courtesy Apryl Electra

Even appearing on the Wonderful Machine Tearsheet page! Alongside Kimberly Davis and Andrew Pogue.


Tim Hale comes to Austin for Humana Vitality Wellness

It’s no secret, Austin TX is gorgeous in March and April. Tim Hale came in from southern California to get some Austin love. The scenery here gets green early, and looks geographically “neutral”, which a lot of clients enjoy. The shoot was targeting the Hispanic market for Humana Vitality, a wellness company that aims to help you stay motivated to be healthy and reach your fitness goals. Agency direction came from Marc Pepin at RAPP in New York, and our very own Rene Gardner at LatinWorks here in Austin. We scoured the city for really great faces, pretty locations, and turned out some fantastic images for two VERY full days.




Tim Hale HumanaVitality 1200px

Support by a HUGE and wonderful crew: Amy Maner (Prop Stylist), Lauren Smith Ford (Wardrobe Stylist), Lisa Gleeson (Hair / Make Up Artist), Katie Volk (Wardrobe Assistant), Tim Harman (Prop Asst), Evan Prince (Photo Asst), Jared Mechaber (Photo Asst LA), Christopher (DigiTech LA), Roy Castillo (Production Assistant), Bob Crain (Location Scout), Austin Basecamp (Motorhome), and Rookie the Blonde Labrador Retriever with agentBEAST.


Young mister Kinser TV Spot with Jonathan

Jonathan Chapman and company were then whisked away to Northern Iowa, the city of Lake Mills. This would be our third adventure with Hunt Adkins buy kamagra online ad agency for Mayo Clinic Health System.

Round 3 features a young lad names Kinser who had heart issues as a baby and is one heck of a little athlete and rambunctious kid. We got to meet his family and get into the most exciting of locations so far. Even got to try out some new equipment, underwater! Two new crew members also joined us for this day. Great new tricks and impressive work by both.

Crew: Ashlee Ellert (hair/makeup/wardrobe stylist), TJ Schwingle (second shooter, photo+motion asst), Jim Morgan (audio tech), John Fontana (digi tech)

Jonathan Mayo3 1200px


Jay B shoots runners for Dicks Sporting Goods

This was an interesting collaboration between two photo crews for Dick’s Sporting Goods via Pentagram agency. Jay B Sauceda would handle the “beauty portraits” in studio, while Todd Langley had a completely separate producer+crew for location photos, running around downtown Austin. The concepts by Stu Taylor at Pentagram was to take real runners from around the country, with interesting stories, and photograph each of them looking victorious and sweaty (and sometimes dirty) just after their “race”. The photos were beautiful and gritty, appearing in the weekly ads and website. I hope this helped them sell a few more shoes!

SPREAD-1-Dick's-Sporting-Goods---Weekly-Ads-&-Catalogs 1200px

Jay B Dicks1 600px

Jay B Dicks2 600px

Jay B Dicks3 1200px

Support by Crew: Lisa Gleeson (hair and makeup artist), Nick Cabrera (photo asst).

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