Out West to LA with Jonathan Chapman for Panasonic

Jonathan Chapman called me to produce a photo and video shoot featuring Panasonic‘s latest line of Toughbook and Toughpad tablets via the ad agency Phelps. Setting was destined to be Los Angeles, and we found some great locations! One high end quick food service restaurant, and one very stylish furniture and decor shop. Jonathan did an amazing job working with a big pile of models to get great shots. Here are some featured shots and more from the Panasonic website.






Some behind the scenes:
Jonathan Panasonic

JCP_Phelps_Panasonic_Crew_Shot 1200px

Fantastic crew from MN and LA: Studio Manager and Photo Assistant John Fontana, Digital Tech Chris Worlow, Location Scout Danny Thomsen, Wardrobe Stylist Daria Maneche, Hair & Makeup Artist Evy Power, Prop Stylist Gillas Correa, Photo Assistant John Cizmas, Casting Agent Catherine Eng, Equipment from SYNC Rental, Motorhome from Quixote.


HEB Dog Food with Nicole Mlakar

Nicole Mlakar does such a great job shooting animals, and is a true lover of dogs! She hired me to produce a shoot for our favorite local grocery store, HEB. They are beginning an in-house brand of premium dog food, Heritage Ranch. The pooches we cast for the shot were absolutely adorable!! Now appearing in an HEB store near you (if you’re in Central Texas!)



Compact but fantastic crew: Animal Actors and Wrangling from Paige Anderson / Agent Beast, Digital Tech Jason Griego, Photo Assistant Conor Mack, Location Scout Ken Lewin.


Shaw Floors at HGTV Smart Home with Ryann Ford

Finally! Another shoot with Ryann Ford! Right here in Austin TX. The shoot was for Shaw Flooring based in Atlanta GA, with Resource/Ammirati their ad agency from Columbus OH. It’s been too long since the last shoot I had with Ryann (Four Hands Furniture), and this was quite a treat. HGTV built a gorgeous Smart Home in Austin for magazine features and eventually as a prize giveaway. We were on site to highlight the Shaw Flooring throughout the house: hardwood, tile, and carpet. Ryann’s ability to capture spaces beautifully, and adding the human element to make the scene more personal. We even worked in a puppy. Take a look!

After the Ryann’s great shoot days, I worked directly for the internal video design team of Resource/Ammirati to shoot b-roll details all around the house. Video post yet to come.

Ryann-ShawF-Watching Movie 1


Ryann-ShawF-Cinnamon Roll




Shaw Flooring Crew

Ryann Ford Shaw 1200px

Support by Crew: Sean Johnson 1st Asst, Robert Gomez 2nd Asst, Michael Mobley Production Asst, Lisa Gleeson Hair & Makeup Artist, Bonnie Markel Props + Wardrobe, Natalie Ogura Props + Wardrobe, Abigail Enright Stylist Asst, Paige Anderson Animal Wrangler, Chris Cogswell Driver/Grip/Electric.

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