David Ellis shooting for Medtronic in Minneapolis

I’ll admit… I still get very excited about going back home to MN for photo shoots. David Ellis called me up for a few days at Medtronic via InterbrandHealth agency, shooting several scenes and portraits with both hired models and a lot of employees. We even had a second camera team shooting video by DP Eric Schleicher. Aside the expected corporate scenes, I had the opportunity to see much deeper into how Medtronic operates and how they’ve grown over the years. My good friend Ryan Davis even made it in front of the camera for a few employee driven shots. David is an wonderful person to work alongside. He’s very patient and has many ideas how to create the images and bring our client’s ideas to life.

Here are some favorite images:







MDT-Micra_Lifestyle_02-109 (1)

Behind the Scenes:

Crew: Eric Schleicher DP, Anna Rajdl Digi Tech, Andy Servais Photo Asst, Greg Naaktgeboren Photo Asst, Bill Hickey Video Asst, Colin Kopp Video Asst, Ann Marshik Prop / Wardrobe Stylist, Anna Olson Prop Asst, Sarah Coleman Wardrobe Asst,
Amber Young Hair Makeup Artist, Cara Sophia Tollefson Hair Makeup Asst, Carolyn Van Der Vaart Production Asst, Stuart Skrien Location Scout, and Bab’s Casting.


HEB Texas Pets Dog Food with Nicole Mlakar

This would be the second HEB project that Nicole Mlakar brought me on board to produce with her. She’s such a talented photographer and creates stunning images of both people and animals. This new line of HEB Dog Food called “Texas Pets” would feature unique stories of different rescue animals; one for each of the food varieties (Adult, Puppy, Small Dog, Hunting Dog, etc). That means that we got to meet some really incredible animals and owners!! Nicole worked her charm with each of the pooches, finding the right space for each of them to feel comfortable, and believe it or not, the perfect “expressions”.

It’s always so fun to see your work out in the real world. Here are some of the images, and found bags in my local HEB grocery store:

HEB TexasPets Hitch 600px

HEB TexasPets-Dry-SPORTING_15.5lbƒ_MAR 600px

HEB TexasPets-Dry-SMALLBITS_8lbƒ_MAR 2 600px

HEB TexasPets IMG_2437 600px

HEB TexasPets IMG_2444 600px

Behind the Scenes:

Crew: Jason Griego Digi Tech and Photo Asst, John Almarez Photo Asst, Paige Anderson AgentBEAST Animal Wrangler, Leighton Chapman Location Scout.


Jewelers Mutual Insurance with Channing Johnson

Channing Johnson from Boston MA got the call from McGarryBowen Agency to shoot for Jewelers Mutual Insurance and they chose Austin TX for the scenery. This was a particularly fun shoot for me since they didn’t really want model type people, and I got to call up all my friends to be in the photos. Just the right demographic! We ran around Austin’s beautiful outdoor park areas and entertaining shopping and restaurant strips. They went home with a huge collection of images, and my friends got some very beautiful and intimate photos together. Win win all the way.

CJ-JewelersMut-1 600px

CJ-JewelersMut-2 600px

CJ-JewelersMut-Web1 600px

Behind the Scenes:
Jewelrs Mutual

Crew: Alyssa Garcia Hair & Makeup, Erin Klarer Hair & Makeup, Conor Mack Photo Assistant, Amy Smith Photo Assistant

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