Texas Tourism with Nick Simonite and Homestead Creatives – Part 1 of 2

This was the big shoot of my year! Photographer Nick Simonite was chosen by Slingshot Agency in Dallas to create over 40 images for the Office of the Governor, Department of Economic Development & Tourism. These images would create the next edition of the printed Texas Travel Guide, online at TravelTex.com, and several other magazines and venues promoting tourism of this great state!

Paired with Homestead Creatives, we all produced 24 shoot days in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Port Aransas, Galveston, Amarillo, and several other small towns with something truly unique to offer! We divided forces; city by city, to cover so many fantastic things to do, eat, see, and experience. Maddie and Shannon from Homestead took El Paso and the Guadalupe Mountains to start, a real challenge! Meanwhile I set up Dallas, and Houston. There were heavy rains and flooding in Dallas which required a second visit.

Nick Simonite worked through creative concepts from our art directors, bringing his own beauty into the images through lighting, camera angle, and genuine expressions with our models (whether hired talent or real cowboys). We had a traveling “core” crew moving from place to place, as well as picking up local crew in cities where we needed greater resources for the more complex shots. We broke the shoot into a few segments to maintain a high level of quality without exhausting our enduring photographer.



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TXTourism_Midtown NS1_6262-600px




TXTourism_Belmont Station NS1_5772-600px

Behind the Scenes:


Crew: Matthew Slimmer Producer, Maddie Hamilton Producer, Shannon McMillan Producer, Bonnie Markel Lead Wardrobe and Prop Stylist, Abigail Enright Wardrobe and Prop Stylist and Assistant, Evan Prince Digi Tech, Jason Griego Photo Asst, Robert Amador Photo Asst, Austin Locheed Photo Asst, Eric Christensen Photo Asst, Angela Angel Hair & Makeup Artist, Mary Rockwood Crabtree Hair & Makeup Asst, Meg McMahon Production Asst, Aaron Holloway Location Scout, Travis Schiebel Photo Asst, Olivia Caminiti Stylist Asst, Haley Hussey Stylist Asst, Rebecca Stacey Hair & Makeup Artist, Wendy Martin Hair & Makeup Asst, Bo Svensson Location Scout, Matt Lemke Photo Asst, Josh Verduzco Photo Asst, Jessica Lindsey Hair & Makeup Artist, Mandy Benton Hair & Makeup Asst, Laura Middour Production Asst, and Eric Williams Location Scout.


GQ’s Selena Gomez in Dallas by Victor Demarchelier

The last editorial shoot I worked on in 2013 for Entertainment Weekly with Jack Black. This shoot was for GQ magazine featuring the beautiful and talented Singer/Actress Selena Gomez! With photographer Victor DeMarchelier and most of the crew coming from NYC, they needed me here as a local. I helped finding locations, and securing the local crew and transportation. The NYC team was excellent. Total pros in each of their realms. I really enjoyed the traveling photo assistant and digi tech – Those fellas rocked. GQ even sent out a video team for her interview and another solo gal for the BTS footage. All together, we set up some really gorgeous scenes with so many great textures in and around the farm house, retired stable, and beautiful old airstream trailer on the property. Victor DeMarchelier evoked some beautiful emotion and looks from Selena, a TX native and resident. She looked gorgeous in every shot.

Check out the Article Here: http://www.gq.com/story/selena-gomez-neighbors-2-rehab-gq-story

And some of the finals with Behind the Scenes shots and videos below.





SelenaGomez_Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.37.36 AM 600px

And in the May 2016 edition of GQ Magazine

SelenaGomez_IMG_0409 600px

Behind the Scenes at Selena Gomez’s Photo Shoot:

Plus stories about her Instagram pics

BTS Photos by Meg McMahon:


Crew: Fashion Director Madeline Weeks, Digital Tech Kenny Ulloa, Photo Assistant Robert Massman, Photo Assistant Austin Locheed, Photo Assistant Evan Wallace, Fashion Asst Jane Suble, Hair Sylist Teddy Charles, Makeup Artist Jo Strettell, Manicurist Ricca Duffey, Location Scout Mark Mahlo, Production Asst Meg McMahon, and BTS Camera Rebekah Maynard


Pure Fishing with Demond Meek in Dallas

This brief adventure took place in the Dallas area, beginning at the famous Possum Kingdom Lake and State Park. Photographer Demond Meek was chosen to shoot for Pure Fishing and spcifically for Shakespeare Fishing Tackle via Dallas ad agency Moroch. Although Demond is located outside of TX, I connected with him through his Dallas rep agency Those 3 Reps, from previous work done on their watch.

We began with a very productive tech scout day at PK Lake, and the weather was phenomenal. Demond, our Creative Director, and myself buzzed around the lake in a small fishing boat and getting soaked with every bounce. We saw the massive cliffs of Hell’s Gate, and found perfect little nooks for each of the shots coming the next day. We had booked about a dozen models for each shoot day, making up perfect faux families. Well, we did have a couple real mother-daughters and father-sons on board. The second day was back in Dallas at Lake Grapevine, the best city lake I’ve seen in a while! Weather was looking rough for day 2, but we got a lot done after a late start.

Here are a few favorite shots:






DMEEK-Fishing-Web2 600px

And Behind the Scenes:

Mari Hidalgo Wardrobe Stylist, Joe Lacerte Photo Assistant, Dustin Doskocil Photo Assistant, Buffalo Casting, BOLT Productions Grip Rental Equipment


Rackspace with John Davidson in San Antonio

This was my first project with John Davidson, and we was a real pleasure to partner with. He’s got a great sense of humor and never misses a beat. John is full of ideas for interactions, the story within the shot, lighting, and camera angles. We were under the creative lead from ad agency GYK Antler in Manchester NH. The creative director and John paired up and created a fantastic new library of images throughout the massive Rackspace headquarters building in San Antonio.

Rackspace set up a large casting of employees for us all to choose from, and we really got lucky with the talent that showed up! More than 60 unique faces and great personalities stepped in front of John’s lens during the shoot. We built more than a dozen scenarios with several variations within each.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from the shoot:






Behind the scenes:

Taylor Jones Digi Tech, Robert Amador Photo Assistant, Ashley Hargrove Wardrobe Stylist, Lisa Gleeson Hair & Makeup Artist, Lucy Santamassino Hair & Makeup Artist, Texas Grip Equipment Rental.

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