8 Years of Freelance, and I Still Love It

Today marks my 8 year anniversary working as a freelance photo and video producer for advertising. An additional 7 years as a studio manager for John Reed Forsman makes 15 total years in the field. Wow, that’s a long time. It has taken a lot of courage and planning to make it this long as a self-employed individual, and really only a few risks. Plus, the support from my wife has been tremendous! The road has been an excellent journey, and has taken me to so many places. The vast network of talented crew never fails to amaze me, and I couldn’t be more appreciative to all the people who have granted our team special access to areas the public rarely gets to see. We truly have a backstage pass to the world.

I’m thankful to all the photographers and directors that have entrusted me to coordinate and care for their productions, from the early beginnings of a concept all the way through to the applause at the wrap of our last shoot day. I’m also grateful to be in a position that I can consult the rising stars in our field that have questions about the freelance life, how to approach new clients, and how to land larger projects. We’re in a friendly but competitive community, but ultimately I think we all want to see each other succeed in our advertising endeavours.

Always looking ahead to what the future holds. I think this year is really going to be a great one.

Please let me know if you ever have questions about freelance working, and what that might look like for you. I’d love the opportunity to make your next shoot run more smoothly.
email: producer@matthewslimmer.com


Ashton Rodgers Toyota Lifestyle Tacoma and Tundra

After Ashton Rodgers and I had already been on two shoots for Gulf States Toyota Corolla and for Rav4, this time we’re still behind the creatives at MMB580, but this shoot was a lot larger! The unique part about this shoot is that the lovely and wonderful producer Nicole Lloyd began all production, up until when she decided that having her baby was far more important that this advertisement (imagine that!). After Nicole handed off the project to me, I took off running to continue the production with the same momentum that she began.

We scouted and chose some really great locations and models. In the equipment lineup, we had Tacoma, Tundra, Highlander, and Sienna! Each of them spotless and beautiful. Day one had the pickups in forest scenes, and day two we split between a farmer’s garden and a soccer field playground park combo. All the props and accessories really took a lot of effort to get it just right, but I think we really nailed it!

Take a look!

Photographer – Ashton Rodgers, Executive Producer – Nicole Lloyd, Production Coordinator – Lindsey Sully, Production Assistant – Matthew Stout, Location Scout – Marcel Meyer, Location Assistant on Set – Zach Heine Casting – Michael Druck, Digital Tech – Chris Worlow, 1st Assistant – Robert Amador, 2nd Assistant – Jason Griego, Lead Wardrobe – Amy Tran Assistant Wardrobe – Lily Walker, Hair & Makeup – Tara Cooper, Lead Props – Mark Carter, Assistant Props – Chuck Voelter, Assistant Props – Amy Barber, Catering / Craft – Max Fathom, Motorhome – Austin Base Camp, Car Prep – Jeff Milburn & Richard Copus, Production Supplies – Texas Grip


Peter Yang’s Whole Foods & Whole Body Cosmetics

Peter Yang headed back to Austin for an incredible shoot for hometown grocer Whole Foods‘ cosmetics division called Whole Body. The project was booked directly with Whole Foods’ own designers and coordinators, truly a pleasure to work for. We found some really top notch models here to show off their product in a fresh and bright way, Peter’s specialty. Each brand within the Whole Body collection was well represented on multiple models. We ended up shooting in studio at Photogroup South, which provided us with a nice space to get it all done with ease!

Crew: Lauren Smith Ford – Wardrobe Stylist, Britt Towns – Wardrobe Assistant, Natalie Ogura – Prop & Background Stylist, Amy Barber – Prop Assistant, Kelsey James – Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist, Robert Grimes – Hair Stylist / Makeup Assistant, Taylor Jones – Digi Tech / Equipment Rentals, Jason Griego – Photo Assistant, Robert Amador – Photo Assistant, Lindsey Sully – Production Asst, Jeremy Minten – Production Assistant, The Casting Station – Casting Director, Miscellaneous Rentals – Production Rentals

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