Services: Matthew Slimmer

Matthew Slimmer has been providing expert photography production services for more than 15 years, delivering the excellence and dependability that photographers and ad agencies rely on to achieve their artistic objectives.

Whether you need to organize a small one day shoot, or orchestrate a two week project, Matthew offers a full suite of production services, including:

  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Client Communications
  • Production Guide Creation
  • Merchandise Tracking & Organization
  • Budget Management
  • Travel Planning
  • Catering Management
  • Scheduling
  • Problem Solving

Matthew adds value and efficiency to projects by adapting to clients’ ever changing needs, preventing minor setbacks from turning into time wasting problems, and keeping shoots on budget and on time.

As a producer, Matthew offers:

  • Estimating & Budget Balancing – From project description all the way through to a detailed list of production expenses, Matthew provides fair, accurate breakdowns of project costs.
  • Delegation & Execution – Producers make things happen, and Matthew is peerless as a knowledgeable, action-driven go getter. If it needs to happen, Matthew knows who to go to to get it done.
  • On-site Expertise – Matthew is present at every moment of a project, prepared to offer professional opinions in any situation. Matthew takes care of every detail so that you can focus on your creativity.

Seasoned with several years of experience as John Reed Forsman’s Studio Manager, an MCTC Photography & Digital Imaging Degree and a stay at Periscope Marketing, Matthew brings a full plate of versatile photography and production experience to the table. He has been involved in projects ranging from $5,000 to upwards of $300,000, gleaning professionalism, attention to detail and the je nai se quois of a successful producer.

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Matthew Slimmer is a hard working, results driven, and very easy to work with producer. We worked together on the most complex project of my career and he helped us Ace the production. I would feel confident in hiring him for almost any photography production out there.”
Chris Crisman – Photographer & Director

Matthew’s certainly made his way to the top of our speed dial as his experience, workflow, and approach to problem solving have become an invaluable part of our still + motion based productions. He always brings new ideas and is always working to refine his offerings. Regardless of what’s asked, he’s the guy to get it done with a smile and appreciative spirit!”
Jonathan Chapman – Photographer & Director

“One of the most detail oriented, honest, patient producers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Matthew is a good man. It was truly a pleasure to work with him. I’m looking forward to our next project together.”
Rob Story – Associate Creative Director, Proof Advertising

“Our first job with Matthew was an incredibly complicated and large scale project requiring good negotiating and organizational skills. Matthew did not disappoint! He was thrifty with our limited budget but also met & exceeded expectations at times while being nimble, professional and a great communicator. We continue to partner with Matthew when it’s a good fit. I would definitely recommend him.”
Lauranne LoSpalluto – Agent, Elder Represents

I didn’t think it was possible, but I have met someone who is more obsessive/compulsive than I am about producing. I’m happy to report that Matthew Slimmer is that man. Don’t get me wrong: his behavior is in no way a disorder. Rather, it’s about being hyper-organized, efficient and thorough. If you’re looking for someone that will produce your project with the ultimate of intelligence and care, you’ll want Matthew “Every-T-Crossed” Slimmer on your team.”
Kat Dalager – Art Producer

I had the pleasure of working with Matthew Slimmer at Target, how fortunate I was to have had this experience! I have seen him handle amazing amounts of work in one day with an unflappable demeanor. He has all the skills you would want in every producer. Organized, engaged and honest. Matthew Slimmer will be a success at whatever he attempts. I miss my co-worker and friend.”
Maura Boland – Art Producer, Target

Matthew took on a complex and FAST photoshoot for Little. His performance from planning through execution was better than we could’ve thought. Logistics included 3 separate photographers, talent coordination, location details, prop coordination and final image select deliveries. What a great person to work with – everyone from photographers, stylists and talent, employees, art director – ALL loved working with him. It made for an an extremely successful client deliverable.”
Sarah Hillstrom – Managing Project Director, Little & Company

“Matthew is a great producer, always willing to take the time to figure things out. He is resourceful, nimble and never flusters. He has helped my photographers on big and small projects and all have been produced flawlessly. We love working with Matthew!”
Heather Elder – Owner/Agent, Elder Represents

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Matthew on a number of video projects from large to small. Matthew’s professionalism and attention to detail has always been a powerful asset to our productions. I’m always excited to work with Matthew and would highly recommend his services.”
Adam Duguay – Partner / Production Director, Coelement Inc

I worked with Matthew on a large photoshoot. Matthew was very well organized and knowledgeable. I could always count on Matthew to have a solution to any obstacle encountered and as a result the shoot went off without a hitch.”
Jon Erickson – Senior Art Director, Target

I have worked with and for Matthew in various roles. Each and every time he has been a supportive and strong partner. As an art buyer and producer he is diligent about supporting his crews by providing them with the information and organization needed to allow them to produce amazing final products. He is incredibly thorough in understanding his project needs in every step of the process. I feel that every project I have worked with him on has gone seamlessly and has been a success.”
Gina Hessburg – Art Producer

Working with Matthew as an executive print producer has raised the bar for the entire crew as well as our clients. He’s managed to create a new standard of excellence and detail that has become quite addictive. Slimmer has the uncanny ability to balance the challenges of the present while calmly anticipating the tsunami of challenges that await you tomorrow, while remaining forever on budget! He’s an artist, a psychologist, a diplomat an accountant as well as a super great guy! It’s a privilege to partner with him. I look forward to working together soon!”
Ron Crofoot – Photographer

Matthew’s years of experience, attention to detail and ability to take the job from start to finish make my life easier so I can focus on making images. He’s also great to have around if your Mac or VW is misbehaving!”
Jared Cullison – Photographer

Matthew is an exceptional producer. Detailed and meticulous with all the logistics and nuances that make a shoot run smooth. He is also a great pleasure to be around. Even at 4:00 in the morning.”
Thomas Strand – Photographer

Matthew has been a great person to work with no matter what the assignment. We’ve worked with him in many different capacities. He flows effortlessly between tasks, is always on time, professional and pleasant to be around. On top of that, he also knows how to drive some pretty damn big trucks! Highly recommended.”
Jeff Cerise – Agent

Matthew is a very well-organized and detail-oriented person who takes his job responsibilities seriously and is committed to achieving the best results possible on every shoot he produces.”
Eric J. Roselles – Agent, Eric J Represents

Matthew communicates well with clients and crew, and heads off many obstacles before they become problems. Estimating is a positive strength of his.  Matthew has produced numerous out of state jobs for me,  covering: out of town crew, hotels, rental vehicles, location scouts, modeling agencies, equipment rentals, insurance, to merchandise delivery. He is the first person I always call. Let him help make your job easier.”
John Reed Forsman – Photographer

Matthew is a great producer. I have worked with him on several projects this past year and the end product has always been stellar. He has the ability to juggle many things at once and make it seem effortless. Matthew will definitely be an asset to your next project.”
Steve Mitchell – Creative Director / Partner, Hunt Adkins

Matthew is an amazing producer who is extremely organized, thorough, and easy to work with. In the decade that we’ve worked together shooting talent and locations, I’ve always known I can trust his judgement and oversight of every project. I highly recommend Matthew to anyone needing a producer who can think outside the box.”
Jennifer Dickey – Photo Stylist