Jonathan Chapman filming Red Gold in Indiana AGAIN!

It’s been 2 years since our previous shoot for Red Gold Tomatoes, but this year Jonathan Chapman and I found a way for me to attend the shoot days! Last round I was “planning and basecamp” but didn’t fly out to Indiana with the rest of the fellas. We did round up a similar crew as they were available and brought out a fabulous energy to the Red Gold family farms. Covering the creative were the fabulous Jim Landry and Ian Simpson from Clarity Coverdale Fury. Plenty or sunrise and sunset opportunities were captured both from the ground and the air (thank you, drone!). We got to spend time with some really spectacular families in their homes, on the farms, and in their communities! In addition to the feature videos we shot for each family, the main purpose for this visit was creating two videos (below) about kids on farms, and how these farmers connect to your own family at home. With all those early starts, I cannot stress enough how IHOP saved my life, morning after delicious morning.

Crew: DP / 2nd Camera Nicolas de Miranda, Digi Tech / Assistant Camera / Drone Pilot Chris Worlow, Sound Mixer / Audio Tech Patrick Schaefer, Studio Manager / Operations John Fontana, Production / Camera / Audio / Anything …yours truly.