Toyota Corolla shoot by Ashton Rodgers

It had been a little while since Ashton Rodgers and I were able to work side by side again, and this one was smooth as silk. The shoot was for the new Toyota Corolla, in a clever ad developed by MMB – Boston. We partnered with a video team in order to double the amount to assets our clients were able to take home. The best part was how well we were able to share so many of the resources to keep costs low. We created an entire second “set” on location, just one block away from the video team. While they were filming the Caucasian family, we would capture the Hispanic family. Really genius, and super efficient. At the end of the day, we even shot some bonus “rolling shots” of the gorgeous new Corolla model. We had a ton of fun with this one.

Here’s the English Commercial

And of course bilingual here, the Spanish Commercial

Here are the Print ads, and a few more from Ashton:
Ashton Toyota Corolla 2 copy

GSTM14138_Corolla_DM_9x6 1200px copy

And finally my behind the scenes snapshots:

Support by our very compact and talented crew: Marcel Meyer (Location Scout), Robert Amador (Photo Asst), and Lance Holt (Photo Asst).